Accreditation as an NLPt Psychotherapist

To become an NLPtCA Accredited Psychotherapist, a number of qualifications, assessments and supervised contact hours are required.  Applications for Accreditation are accepted on an annual basis and the closing date is the 31st March.   The full set of documents required for application are available here:  Applications for Accreditation for 2020 The applications are considered by the Accreditation Panel which consists of the Accreditation Registrar, Panel members (who are Accredited members of NLPtCA) and an External Moderator, (who is a member of any member organisation of UKCP).  There is an additional role - the Accreditation Moderator - who helps to oversee and moderate the Accreditation process. 

Key Contacts

 Role Name
Contact Details
Accreditation Registrar

Dawn Haworth
Internal Accreditation Moderator

Catherine Webster
Accreditation Administrator

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