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A Tribute to Michael Mallows

Remembering Michael Mallows

Memories and accomplishments offered by NLPtCA members. 

Materials provided by James Lawley.

  • A vocal advocate for, and supporter of, NLP ever since he attended the 2nd-ever NLP Practitioner course in the UK in 1982.
  • Superb pattern spotter and deliverer of high-quality feedback!
  • Highly experienced and accomplished therapist who blended NLP, TA and any other model that took his fancy.
  • Clinical supervisor at the Post-Adoption Centre from 1987-2007 and a valued supervisor to many NLPt therapists over the years.
  • Head of a residential Adolescent Therapeutic Unit 1977-1984.
  • Founded Social Effectiveness Training Agency in 1980.
  • Expert in the challenges of trans-racial adoption.
  • Honorary Fellow of Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. 
  • Author of two books using NLP: 'The Power to Use NLP' and 'Peace of Mind is a Piece Cake' (with Joseph Sinclair).
  • A poet: poem.pdf
  • A hit songwriter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R91FSSMHBRc
  • A compulsive anecdote-teller and teller of terrible jokes.
  • A straight-talking, no-Game playing, deeply sincere guy with a huge heart.
  • An engaging, thought-provoking and fearless teacher.
  • A dear, dear friend.
  • A remarkable and unforgettable man.
  • A role-model of compassion, patience and loving-kindness: A story by Marion Way.pdf
  • He left us in 2018
  • Remembered with great affection.


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