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We regretfully announce the passing of Tom Hanchen

06 Nov 2020 12:21 PM | Anonymous

Tom Hanchen was a long-standing members of NLPtCA. He was an NLP therapist and supervisor with a particular interest in therapeutic hypnosis. He was active in the association and his practice even after he was diagnosed with cancer many years ago.

Here is a link of Tom being interviewed by Noel Bell about 'Quantum Leaps in the Evolution of Therapeutic Hypnosis' which starts with Tom telling a little story about his name and his background.

Attached is an article Tom wrote with Martin Weaver about supervision, one of his passions and contributions to NLPtCA. Hanchen-Weaver Article - NLP Supervision.pdf.pdf

Tribute from Penny Tompkins

Tom managed to live with his various forms of cancer for many years. He loved to read thrillers based on where the stories were set:  "from down south in deep Louisiana to the chill winds across the bleak Yorkshire dales."

And to give you a flavour of his humour and spirit, here is a quote from correspondence I had with him in about a year ago:

"Apart from looking forward to three months chemotherapy I am exceedingly well. Playing with my new band St.Christopher's Hospice BadAss Blues Band (the three of us have bowel cancer)!"

He was a gentle man, with a kind heart, who was committed to using all his experience to serve his clients and supervisees. James and I were lucky to have had him in our life.

Tribute from Juliet Grayson

Although I knew him quite well by then, my strongest memory of Tom is when we were both students on a 3 or 4 day workshop at the old faithful, the Columbia Hotel in Lancaster Gate, London W.2.  This would have been in about 1996, and I think it might have been a workshop with Stephen Gilligan. 

I was in a group of 3 with Tom for the whole workshop.  His deep, gravelly voice was perfect for the trance work we were practicing with each other.  He was a generous man, with a delightful playful quality, and a very big heart.   I have always had a deep affection and respect for him. 

In recent years I have been vaguely aware of, and appreciative of his work behind the scenes in NLPtCA.  Although our contact over the years was only occasional, the last time being in August 2020, I feel a gap, where he used to be.  For anyone who'd like to hear a bit of Tommy's wisdom, I would recommend watching the video of his interview with Noel Bell about 'Quantum Leaps in the Evolution of Therapeutic Hypnosis'

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