Becoming an NLPt Psychotherapist

Train as a Psychotherapist

Your learning towards becoming a fully accredited NLPt Psychotherapist will cover:

  • pure NLP development

  • applied NLPt development

  • human development

  • psychopathology

  • therapeutic theory

  • other therapeutic modalities

As well as therapeutic knowledge, becoming a NLPt Psychotherapist also includes personal development and personal neuro linguistic psychotherapy; clinical practice hours; clinical supervision (1:6 client ratio hours); mental health placement; research project.

Basic Training

For your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner certification you are advised to seek those organisations which deliver a minimum of 120 hours direct contact training for each.  

Check on our CPD page for forthcoming trainings led by our members.

You will be able to find such providers from within the listings of INLPTA and The Professional Guild of NLP. 

Becoming Accredited

Our Accreditation Procedure is comprehensive, follow this link for the NLPtCA Policy _ Procedure 2019.pdf

The guidelines can be found by following this link, NLPtCA General Guidelines

All applicants will have been a paid up member for a minimum of 1 year before applying to become accredited.

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