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Darras Hall
NE20 9PW
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NLPtCA Accredited
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Anxiety - Depression - Panic attack - Dissociation - Loss of a hoped for future including childlessness, redundancy, divorce - Relationships (individuals) including personal relationships with a partner, parent or child; work relationships and work performance issue - Living with the consequences of childhood parental neglect and emotional, physical and sexual abuse - Living with shame and guilt - Stress -Spirituality
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I now offer therapy sessions online over Zoom and over the phone.

I work with women who have reached a point where they feel they have lost a sense of Self and who they are and are living with a sense of disorientation, emptiness or of inexplicable sadness.

Losing one’s sense of Self can manifest in many ways: a feeling of still not being good enough despite all my achievements, of comparing myself unfavourable with others, of putting up with poor behaviours toward me because “that is what I have to do”, of not getting on or losing out again on promotion, or of feeling pinned to the periphery, ignored or abandoned. The circumstances are always unique to the person experiencing them; the emotions are human.

My role is to create a physical and emotional space where you feel “safe enough” to explore what is happening in your life and create and rehearse choices for yourself for the future. My place is to accompany you as you do that.

What does “safe enough” mean?

It means building a relationship that is non-judgemental, empathic and confidential and where boundaries are respected. This safe space enables difficult questions to be asked and answered and for emotions to be felt and expressed.

Together we pay attention to your patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours; we can be curious about these patterns and notice which ones are helpful to you and which are less so.

It is when we become consciously aware of our patterns and the “musts” and “must nots” we are living by, and didn’t know were there, that we have a choice about if and how we change them.

When we accept choice, then we can take control and responsibility for ourselves and how we live and not be driven by the “musts” and “oughts” we didn’t know were there; we can be with others and not subject to them; we can recognise our abilities and be recognised for our contributions and not feel we have to hide or belittle our achievements.

If this is something that you recognise or resonates deeply within you and you want to explore further, then please do call and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I am based in the beautiful and wild county of Northumberland. My practice is based in south-Northumberland at Darras Hall, Ponteland near the great northern city of Newcastle-upon Tyne and in mid-Northumberland near the lovely market town of Alnwick.
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