All NLPtCA members are required to have regular and on-going formal supervision in support of their client work.  Clinical supervision is a practice-focused professional relationship involving a practitioner reflecting on his or her own practice, guided by a skilled Supervisor.  The primary purpose of supervision is to enhance the professional development of the supervisee so as to ensure the best possible psycho-therapeutic practice for their client. Formal Supervision is of particular importance to anyone interested in Becoming an NLPt psychotherapist.

Whilst the client is the focus of supervision there are many benefits to developing a successful mentoring relationship with a more experienced colleague.  Supervision can

  •        help therapists develop a successful clinical practice,
  •        provide a supportive environment for reflection and growth
  •     support skill development and learning
  •       help develop a wider scope of practice

NLPtCA-recognised Supervisors are trained specifically to support our modality, neurolinguistic psychotherapy.

Find an NLPtCA recognised Supervisor to enhance and extend your professional practice in NLP or NeuroLinguistic Psychotherapy.

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