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Share your CPD

As a community of professional therapists and coaches using NLPt, we want to maintain a rich shared resource of CPD resources (books, courses, articles, video etc) that we can all benefit from.  Heres what other NLPtCA members have offered to share with you. 

This page is updated at the beginning of each calendar month.  Check back for new CPD resources and opportunities each month.  Remember to reference NLPtCAs CPD policy on what counts as eligible CPD for Accreditation/Re-accreditation purposes.

For training and workshops offered by NLPtCA members, see our Training and Events listings.

Richard Evans-Lacey shares Hedy Schleifer's work

"I found aspects of Hedy Schleifer's work useful for giving me a root for my couples' therapy.  I've changed a few things to make it my own, including by integrating some 'clean language' influences. Richard Evans-Lacey" 


Bruce Grimley on goal setting (well-formed outcomes)

"This blog, by Bruce Grimley, was first  published on LinkedIn. In it he re-visits key aspects for goal setting (creating well-formed outcomes) in the specific context of coaching and offers some useful additions to standard NLP and SMART approaches. This is just as relevant in the psychotherapeutic context for Future Pacing clients as well as helping to establish their desired Outcomes." 


Re-Use, Re-Cycle CPD!

Do you already

·      Blog or Vlog? 

·      Video your training or supervision demos and publish them online? 

·      Write therapy or case-study related articles? 

·      Attend real-world or online training and/or workshop sessions that youd recommend to other therapists/coaches? 

·      Read therapy-related articles online?

·      Write client case studies for any professional purpose that youd be happy to disseminate amongst your NLPt peers? 

Share it when you do it to admin@nlptca.com

What to Share

One share a month from each of us creates a rich source of CPD opportunities for all

Whether youre a therapist or a coach using NLPt, share relevant CPD activities and/or resources (books, courses, articles, video etc) youve experienced and well share it here for all members to access.  Each month well highlight the latest CPD posts back to you. 

Eligible CPD (Accredited members) is explained in NLPtCAs CPD policy.  While the policy says that CPD in any recognised modality counts as eligible CPD, we also heard voiced at the 2018 Member Event that support to re-connect with the fundamentals of NLPt and modelling, as a key differentiator of NLPt from other modalities, would be particularly useful to members.  

If youre a trainer and offer training courses or workshops, share these on the NLPtCA Calendar using this document.

How to Share

Heres how to share your activities and/or the resources youve experienced:

1. For posts on online platforms (eg Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) that have a share button, simply share by email to admin@nlptca.com and well pick up the content

2. For anything else, email admin@nlptca.com either with a link to the material youd like to share or attach material for sharing.

However you share, please include the following minimum information:

·   Subject of the CPD [make it meaningful for others]

·  A sentence on what you found good/useful about it [ie why youd like to share it with other NLPt professionals]

When to Share

Anytime - You can share your CPD ideas with other members at any time.  Any time youre posting, commenting on or using useful resources online remember to hit the share by email button and send to us.

Or Monthly contact - Well email a reminder to share your CPD ideas around the 14th of each month and will aim to refresh the CPD sharing space on the web site by the 1st of the following month.  Remember to respond to our email prompt within 7 days.


NLPtCA does not warrant or endorse any CPD resource or reference provided by members for promotion to other members or the public.  NLPtCA does not validate or endorse a CPD resource or reference provided by members as being eligible CPD under its CPD Policy.

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